Friday, December 15, 2017

LBC: 5 Pieces You Regret Not Buying When You Had the Chance

We've all had the feeling. Why didn't I reserve Holy Lantern, why didn't I snatch up that bolero before it sold out, why did I wait until the last minute to bid on that JSK - it's a common thing in Lolita. It also makes for a fun LBC topic. Here are five pieces I regret not buying when I had the chance!

1. Angelic Pretty's Victorian Tassel JSK

I had the money. I had the desire. I just didn't have the card to use to purchase it when it was on sale, and I was too afraid to ask anyone I knew for theirs.

2. Baby's Fawn Fur Beret

This is a hard piece to come by, and I've loved it since my early Lolita days! Someone was selling it as a set with a matching scarf or muffler or something for a pretty reasonable price, but I didn't get it for some bizarre reason. Next time!

3. All of the yellow Kumya-chan's Glittery Milky Way accessories!

When these were released, I got so excited because I had been searching for yellow star-themed accessories to make a coordinate for my Candy Bottle JSK, and these were so perfect! But in the few days it took for me to get my next paycheck, they were all sold out in yellow.

And let's be honest: blue just doesn't match the same way.

4. Innocent World's Patisseries de Paris Just Waist JSK

This was another one from my early Lolita days, and Innocent World ended up putting it on a decent sale. But at the time, I was still leery of spending so much money on a dress, so I just didn't get it. Now, though, I would absolutely buy it if I ever saw it pop up in the secondhand sales.

5. Angelic Pretty's Chocolat-Chan Going Out JSK

I've mentioned this before on one or two dream dress posts, but I've only seen it pop up in the secondhand sales once. I should've just bought the damn thing, but again, I was intimidated by conversion rates and the price. Oh, well. Next time, I'll be more prepared to pounce.


What are some Lolita pieces that you almost bought and then didn't? Let me know in the comments below!


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  1. I remember when Victorian Tassel came out (AP Japan still sent email updates then of upcoming releases) and I really wanted it then. Then I stopped for a while, realising that it wasn't that high on my priority list, but knowing that AP will not do any more printed velvet/velveteen pieces because they're too expensive to make revived my interest in it. But again, I'd only get it if I found it for a right price, so it will probably be a long while. Best of luck to you with finding these pieces again! :)

  2. Oooh Victorian Tassel, such a stunning piece! I hope you can find these items again one day.


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