Friday, November 18, 2016

Lolita Blog Carnival - Four of Your Favorite Fall/Autumn Motifs

Several months back, I joined the ranks of the Lolita Blog Carnival -- and then promptly started a job that made my blogging opportunities quite limited. However, this week, I'm proud to present my very first entry as an official member, and it's a fun one: four of my favorite Autumn motifs!

1. Fawn Fur
Alice and the Pirates' Bambi Fur Collar
Short Coat in beige.

If I could just have an entire Fall wardrobe that was trimmed in or went with fawn fur, I'd be over the moon. Seriously, it's so warm and cozy that it makes me almost believe that the harsh bite of winter won't be nearly as awful-- so long as I have a capelet and matching beret modeled after Bambi.

2. Apples

Angelic Pretty's Classic Apple shoulder bag

Apples are the quintessential Fall fruit, and make for a perfect print or coordination theme during this time of year. While fruit's generally a very sweet motif, Alice and the Pirates has put out a couple of prints that have a smaller emphasis on the apples themselves (while they feature in the print, they don't overwhelm it), and tend to lean towards Classic or (if coordinated properly) even Gothic Lolita as a whole.

3. Classic Florals

Innocent World's Antique Bouquet V-Neck JSK.

Floral prints come in a few flavors, and I have a sharp preference for the ones you can dig up in any Classic Lolita's wardrobe. Earth tones, muted pastels, and classic cuts are an easy way to hold onto the beauty of spring and summer flowers well into the chilly weather.

4. Books

Surface Spells' Dusk Library Gobelin
Velveteen Bookshelf JSK.

As an avid bookworm since the tender age of... hell, I don't even remember, I desperately need more book prints in my life. Innocent World puts them out every now and again, and I enjoy what Surface Spell did with the idea. If only we could get Baby to pump out a classic book print...

What are your favorite motifs for this time of year? Let me know in the comments below, or link me to posts of your own!

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